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Plan your Holiday
Traveling Girl

Your holiday, your special day.

We offer bespoke travel solutions, customizing each trip for our clients based on their interests and preferences of destinations, dates and more. Be it a safari in Africa, houseboat in Kerala, vineyards in France, we will curate the perfect trip with suitable hotels and accommodation, authentic cultural experiences, unique activities, route  planning and travel advice. We understand that not all people and journeys are same. That's why we cater to your personalized needs and give you a holiday package that suits your needs. We strive to create magic so that your trip is an experience of a lifetime!

Hotel Booking
Hotel Room

For an amazing journey, we need a solace suite.

We know the importance of a good hotel room to be your home away from home during your travels. Double checked by us for quality and value for your money, each hotel we recommend will live up to your expectations. Carefully handpicked depending on your needs, we strive to offer you the perfect stay at a balanced price with assured quality and services.


Your flight, your first step, choose it wisely!

Booking flight tickets are a major component of most travel plans. Online portals can fool you in different ways with unreasonable layover times, luggage or refund terms. We as agents know the best routes, terms and conditions and will always advise on the best flights to consider for your travel. We also provide free assistance for web check-in. The best parts we can book tickets at the same time as you would take on an online portal.

Passport assistance
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Passport Assistance

Everything gets simpler when you have a support system to fall back on. When it comes to tedious processes like Passport application, you can certainly count on us. From the online filling of forms and documentation to booking your appointment we will hold your hand through the entire process, making it a simplified and stress-free experience.

Visa booking
visa-application-travel-form-concept (1).jpg

Get your Visa.

A Visa is your key to unlock your dream destination. We help you procure the visa for all major tourist destinations by guiding you through all the requirements and paperwork. With a single call or email, we can send across the requirements for Visa and the estimated time for procuring it so you can get started.

Travel Insurance

You are our priority!

Along with Visa procurement, travel insurance plays a vital role while planning your international travel. A medical emergency, missing baggage or a passport loss can get you stressed while on a tour. Travel Insurance comes handy in such situations, insuring the possible risks involved during your holiday, thus making your vacation as it should be, stress and hassle-free.

Train ticket booking
Train Station

Let's get onboard of a long, long journey...

The railway system in India is one of the popular modes of public transportation in India. We can assist with the availability and booking of trains all across India between any destinations. With a single phone call, it will be very easy to book train tickets with us. We also do opening day ticketing and help you book tickets as early as four months from your date of travel.

Car rentals
Car Interior

Vroom a journey.

We arrange well maintained cars with expert drivers for all our clients. We have our partners all across India to help you rent cars/coaches as per your need to comfortably explore your travel destinations.  We also offer airport transfers and cars for local use in all cities and towns.

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